This is the season where we give thanks. There are so many things happening in the world and it’s easy to get lost in all the noise, forgetting the myriad of things to be grateful for. So here’s a challenge: what if we took a moment to look at things from a different perspective, another point of view or with no preconceived notion. I wonder how much beauty and amazement we would allow ourselves to see.

I was recently driving down the road admiring all the trees and their beautiful fall colors. It looked as if the sun was positioned perfectly, shedding an array of light to accent the beauty of the trees.  Oddly enough, I traveled that same road the day before and did not notice the spectacular view. I believe I missed all the splendor because I had a lot going on in my mind that morning and I allowed that to cloud my view. Real talk. The next day, the same things that were on my mind the day before were still around me but I wasn’t giving the thoughts the same energy. Then I was able to see the beauty. So what is keeping you from seeing the amazing?

In this season of thanksgiving, push yourself to find beauty and be grateful for the things that may be hidden. This will require all of us to dig a little deeper beyond the surface but I bet you’ll be amazed at what you discover. Happy Thanksgiving!

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