To my clients
and the community at large:

TruSynergy empowers women and organizations to move barriers to be their best. We celebrate people for who they are as individuals, embrace where they are in their current life’s journey, and support their goals to get to an even better version of themselves. We foster engaging and authentic relationships with clients so they feel good about who they are and how they show up in the world.

Ericka Sallee, Owner
TruSynergy, LLC


Ericka Sallee

Speaker | Author | Transformation Success Coach

I am passionate about empowering women and the workforce to seek their full potential, personally and professionally. I am committed to helping them understand their value, find their gifts and use them to impact their world.

I am known for my compassionate, yet direct approach, with my clients while giving them sacred space to work through key areas during the coaching engagement. I listen intently to my clients with focused attention. My educational background, professional experience, personal history, and consistent training and development, are assets that help me to navigate my clients to empowered living.

I'm here. Now What?

I’m Here. Now What? Finding Joy After the Storm chronicles Ericka Sallee’s emotional and transformational journey from being a woman who was once afraid of divorce into one who now embraces the excitement of a new future. With raw honesty and vulnerability, Sallee reveals the secrets to making the best of a life-changing situation. She provides actionable advice and practical strategies for navigating the emotional roller coaster of divorce with a positive outlook and finding peace, joy, and happiness in its aftermath. No matter which of life’s turning points you are facing, Ms. Sallee’s journey will resonate and will help you feel seen and understood.

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Your presentation was AWESOME
Your presentation was AWESOME and resonated with me and many of our colleagues!

Jeanine A. Stewart, Senior Vice President
Philadelphia Market Manager, Fulton Bank
Gave me Clarity
Ericka was able to give a different perspecitive on how to look at past pain and create a new self image. The workshop helped me get unstuck in some areas where I had trouble getting clarity. I can’t wait to attend another workshop!

A. Sutton
I left this event feeling revived
Ericka taught me how to look at myself in the mirror with all my flaws, pain and disappointments. I felt such a cleansing after getting rid of raw emotions that had been settled down in my spirit. I left this event feeling revived and ready to take on whatever came my way. I am looking forward to TruSynergy's upcoming events!

K. Harmon
The best gift I could have ever given myself
Ericka's Transformation Success Strategy program is the best gift I could have ever given myself. I have gained insights and awareness into myself that I was unable to attain in 47 long years. I am so supremely satisfied with this program as changes are already taking place in my life after years of being stagnant.

S. Ahmed
Guided me to become my authentic self
Ericka has guided me to become my authentic self. Her empathetic listening skills, along with her expertise in conflict resolution, have been really helpful for me to learn how to shift from negative to positive responses.

Dr. Heather Carpenter
Your presentation was empowering
You were magnificent today at the Coke Consolidated Women's Leadership Forum. Your presentation was empowering on several levels.

Valerie Williams - Senior Manager
Coca Cola Consolidated
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To my clients
and the community at large:

These are trying times in our communities, nation and the world. I stand in support of the peaceful protests that are crying out against the injustices against people of color and demanding real change. We all have a role to play in creating a world where we respect, appreciate and honor one another. Our differences aren’t to be feared but embraced. TruSynergy’s mission is to transform lives to create the best version of who we are meant to be. We may not have all the answers but if we engage in conversation, seek to understand and commit to the actions we can take to make the world that we’re connected to a better place, then we’re moving in the right direction.

Ericka Sallee, Owner
TruSynergy, LLC

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