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You’re ready for a shift in your personal life or in your career, and you’ve waited long enough. You know now is the time and the Transformation Success Academy provides a clear path to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re at the very beginning of your journey or ready to elevate to the next level, these programs were designed to keep you focused and driven to succeed! Though they build on each other from Clarity and Focus Membership Experience to Transformation Success Academy, they have been created as standalone programs to suit you based on where you are and the goals you want to achieve. Create the radical shift that will help you own your brilliance, stand in your power and be the game-changer you were meant to be. I become your partner, guiding you to reach your full potential. Together, we’ll make small shifts that lead to life-altering transformation!

Clarity and Focus Membership Experience

Need quick answers to your most pressing questions so you can take the next best step on the road to your transformation? Looking to leverage the power of shared experiences and learn from one another? The Clarity and Focus Membership Experience has been curated with you in mind!

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Q&A sessions are held on the last Wednesday of every month.

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Transformation Success Academy

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I Invite You to The Transformation Success Academy

Moving You from Here to Next with Conviction and Confidence

What is the Transformation Success Academy?

Top-notch content designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to achieve the goals you desire. With live Q&A sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to receive laser focused coaching and engage with fellow participants, making your personal growth experience truly enriching.

The Transformation Success Academy provides a structured approach to support your transformation journey, while giving you choice, allowing you to select what suits you best within the Academy, whether it’s the Essential 3-month program, the Premier add-ons for more extensive coaching or the Elite membership that provides additional content, tools, and resources for continued growth.

What Is Included With the Course

Digital Course

Unlimited access to a 10 Module Self-Paced Digital Course

Weekly Live Q&A

Share wins and get the answers to your most pressing questions as you go through the self-paced modules.

Email Access/On-Demand Q&A

Email your questions and get personalized responses within 24-48 hours. Or ask your question during the weekly Q&A.

Private Facebook Group

Engage in a community for collaboration, motivation, and support to help you on your transformation journey. Network, share ideas, and grow together.

What You Will Learn

Begin this exciting journey with Introspection, looking at where you are now. In this first module, it is imperative to honestly acknowledge where you are in your life in the present moment because this is what gets you clear on challenges and roadblocks. You’ll understand what to focus on as we go through the program.
Here, we will go through a systematic formula for Reflection, exploring how the past influences your thoughts and behaviors. To transform your life, you must first understand what drives you. This will give you some “aha” moments and help to connect the dots on the limiting beliefs that often get in the way of your success.
Use the past to draw parallels to any limiting beliefs. This is where you’ll begin to create a new mindset, reversing the old patterns of thought! The first part of your future success will require you to manage “stinkin’ thinkin” so you can pursue your goals and dreams with a higher level of determination.
Explore four key areas: health, finances, relationships, and spirituality. Create intentions for each one and specifically define what you want your life to look like in all these areas. Then, you will set the goals to match your intentions, so you walk away with your personal plan to get you moving in the direction of your transformation.
Part of your success will depend on the environment you create for yourself, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We’ll spend time developing simple tools and techniques to reinforce the intentions and goals you’ve set. Use them anywhere, any time to keep you motivated toward achieving your transformation!
Now that you’ve set your intentions and planted the seeds to get you on your way, it is now GO TIME! Yes, here’s where you get in action and start moving in the direction of your goals. Be deliberate in your thinking, speaking and acting as you make strides in bringing your goals to fruition.
Learn how to identify risks and plan for issues that may come up while moving toward your goals. Get the strategies to mitigate and resolve them in order to reduce the impact on your progress. There are some things we can plan for and others we can’t, but these strategies will be a good starting point to help you manage the “X Factors.”
Time for a pulse check. With weeks of reflecting, planning and action, this is where you figure out where you are now versus where you were when you started the program. We’ll celebrate your wins and then course correct any challenges so that you keep pressing forward.
There will be moments when you feel like giving up. This module will provide you with the reinforcement you need to stay focused and in action. You’ll also evaluate the adjustments you made in Module 8 to check your alignment with your goals.
With all the work you’ve done, the final step is to establish accountability. This holds your feet to the fire to make sure you do what you set out to do and also provides a major source of support going forward. I will show you how to create the partnerships that will help you effectively manage your goals and maintain for the future!

Start Your Transformation Success Today!


is a NECESSARY MOVEMENT if you desire to be fulfilled in all areas of your life ~ your health, finances, relationships and spirituality. It’s no longer an option to stay settled where you are because the reality is, it’s your birth right to live abundantly, no matter what has happened in your life to this point.


is a GAME CHANGER! Once you look at your life’s playbook from a different perspective, you can make the moves that help you play to win. You won’t have to wait for someone to throw you a pass. You can design your play, get your resources together and successfully execute your strategy!


is LIFE ALTERING!  This isn’t a program to engage in for the moment; it is a lifestyle change that gives you the principles and the steps to succeed at whatever you set your mind to. It helps you change your thinking and your mindset so that your actions create the results you desire.

Transformation Success Academy

Join our Academy and start your transformation journey. Course begins May 20, 2024.



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