I'm here now what book cover
I’m Here. Now What? Finding Joy After the Storm chronicles Ericka Sallee’s emotional and transformational journey from being a woman who was once afraid of divorce into one who now embraces the excitement of a new future. With raw honesty and vulnerability, Sallee reveals the secrets to making the best of a life-changing situation. She provides actionable advice and practical strategies for navigating the emotional roller coaster of divorce with a positive outlook and finding peace, joy, and happiness in its aftermath. No matter which of life’s turning points you are facing, Ms. Sallee’s journey will resonate and will help you feel seen and understood.

We all have a purpose that fuels and inspires us to be intentional with our actions. Yet, far too many of us deprive ourselves of the chance to discover what purpose looks like for us. The sad reality is that many people go to their grave having never lived their purpose.

Why is that?  The past, fear and uncertainty keep them stuck in the familiar even as they suspect that something is missing in their life. This doesn’t have to be you.

Pathway to Purpose will help you appreciate that every single experience is here to grow and develop you, and ultimately lead you home to your purpose. As you read about my journey to discovering my purpose, may you be led to your purpose! And may you have the courage to follow where it leads and fulfill your destiny!

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