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Coaching for Women in Leadership (Ericka)

Leadership is not easy. Women in leadership not only face challenges that come with the roles we have but we often shrink back and second guess ourselves, even with the highest qualifications, education and experience. Whether devaluing ourselves has been self-inflicted or created by the environment we’re in, it’s time to be BOLD, share our BRILLIANCE and be the BOSS leaders the world so desperately needs. So it’s time to start shining your light, whether you’re looking to expand your purpose where your are, find a new calling or a combination of the two.

But here’s the thing, it first starts within. When you take the time to honor and nurture your mental, physical and spiritual well-being, you build the capacity to effectively lead others while taking care of yourself in the process.

Are You Ready To

  • Get unstuck and unlock new levels of leadership, service and purpose?
  • Understand and apply a human-centered approach to your leadership?
  • Be confident in your role as a leader?
  • Establish your personal brand as a confident, capable, and compassionate leader
  • Make self-care a daily practice for personal wellness and better service
  • Make self-care a daily practice so you can be well and serve better?
  • Gain clarity and unlock new goals/purpose
  • Build confidence and self-esteem

If you’re at a crossroads, ready to create your path as an effective leader or align your personal and professional goals, contact me today for your complimentary Discovery Session.

Premier Coaching Plan

6 months
$8500 or $1515.83/month
  • 60-minute planning session (pre-coaching)
  • 2 - Bi-weekly 75-minute coaching sessions/month
  • 1 - 20-minute accountability session/month
  • Weekly development work
  • Concierge Service (email and text access up to 7pm (EST), M-TH, as needed)
  • 2 - 30-minute post coaching check-in sessions
  • 1 - Executive’s Exclusive, compliments of The SitaZEN Room™️: Curated gift set to enhance wellness and self-care, along with 3 breathwork and guided meditation sessions
  • NEW BONUS FEATURE: Invitation (plus one) to virtual Power Roundtable: Relaxed, sacred space for community collaboration, support and networking

*5 spaces available per cycle

60 Minute
Coaching Session

$350 - $1750
  • Single 60 - minute session
  • 3 - session package
    $950 ($100 savings)
  • 5 - session package
    $1750 ($150 savings)


Ownership. Transparency. Humanity. Empathy. Respect.

Organizations strive to acquire the best talent, deliver quality products and services to the consumer, and stay on the cutting edge of technology while remaining profitable and relevant. Markers for success, right? Not quite. The reality is that many leaders are challenged with creating environments that incorporate positive human connection as an equal measure of that success. It’s more than corporate strategy, partnerships and the bottom line.

In today’s ever-changing environment, many workers feel unappreciated for the work they do and are discouraged by B-level leaders who lack the skills to create a healthy and high-performing culture.  Changing this starts with Executive leadership so that core values flow down throughout the organization.

Executives who are willing to undergo personal transformation are an asset to those they lead.





The O.T.H.E.R plan will guide you to

  • Understand barriers to success.
  • Gain insight through self-reflection.
  • Elevate awareness of human interaction.
  • Increase effective communication.
  • Build acceptance for vulnerability.
  • Draw parallels between personal and professional relations.
  • Leverage transformational outcomes with corporate responsibility.

Leaders are ever-evolving. Whether you are a seasoned Executive, new to the C Suite or a high-potential candidate ready to achieve new personal and professional goals, I welcome the opportunity to discuss how I can support you and whether my coaching approach is a good fit.

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