Transformation Success Strategy

Find Your Truth. Transform Your Life. Impact Your World.

A 10-module comprehensive live virtual training if you’re feeling stuck; not completely fulfilled in your professional or personal life; have dreams and goals that you want to achieve; feel you’ve wasted enough time getting started; and you’re ready to get the principles and strategies to propel you to your next level; no games and no excuses.  You will turn the spotlight inward for in-depth reflection that is necessary in order to achieve the breakthroughs you need to walk into that future. Find your truth in this winning, repeatable process and make dramatic strides to being the best you! When the program is over, you’ll have a tool that you can use over and over, for every situation that you face so you can conquer your challenges and stay true to YOU!

As a result of my Transformation Success Strategy, you will identify the pain points that cause you to shrink back from your goals. I’m looking for people who are ready to shift those pain points into possibilities so they can create the best version of who they were meant to be. Who do you know?


  • You’ll identify where you are now, understanding your current challenges and roadblocks.
  • You’ll reflect on your past to determine how limiting beliefs have influenced your thoughts and behaviors.
  • You’ll create new thought patterns that will be a major driver of your success.
  • You’ll define your goals and intentions in key areas of your life (health, finances, relationships, spirituality) and develop the plan to support them.
  • You’ll learn and implement simple tools to motivate you to move into action.
  • You’ll execute your plan.
  • You’ll evaluate your progress and make meaningful adjustments to stay on course.
  • You’ll master reading your mental meter and creating positive “shifters” that will keep you focused on achieving your goals​.
  • You’ll gain an effective strategy to manage risks so that you maintain control while you’re on the road ​to claiming your success.
  • You’ll collaborate with like-minded people to establish accountability partners, leveraging a wide range of experience, insight and expertise.


  • Structured weekly lessons, with module-specific content.
  • Live, collaborative discussions where I guide you through identifying your challenges, giving you the tools and techniques to create your breakthroughs.
  • Open Q&A to give you the answers to your most pressing questions.
  • An environment where the “Oath of Sacred Space” is enforced. What we share is held in high regard, with integrity, confidence and respect.
  • A solid plan to springboard you into action!

I’ll teach each module, completely LIVE! You’ll get a new, step by step approach to your life-changing transformation.


Ready. Set. Go! You’ll begin this exciting journey with introspection, looking at where you are now. In this first session, it is imperative to honestly acknowledge where you are in your life in the present moment because this is what gets you clear on challenges and roadblocks. You’ll understand what to focus on as we go through the program.


In this module, you’ll explore time of reflection. Here, we will go through a systematic process of confronting experiences from the past and how they influence your current thoughts and behaviors. In order to figure out how to transform your life, you must first understand the sources that drive you to certain ways of thinking and actions. This will give you some “aha” moments and help to connect the dots on the limiting beliefs that often get in the way of your success.


Now that you understand the connections of your past, we will draw the parallel to your limiting beliefs. This is where you’ll begin to create a new mindset, reversing the old patterns of thought! The first part of your future success will require you to rid yourself of “stinkin’ thinkin’” so you can pursue your goals and dreams with a higher level of determination.


Here, we will look at four key areas: health, finances, relationships and spirituality and create your intentions for each one. This is where you will specifically define what you want your life to look like in all of these areas. Then, you will set the goals to match your intentions so you walk away with your personal plan to get you moving in the direction of your transformation. 


Part of your success will be dependent on the environment you create for yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually. This week, we will spend time developing simple tools and techniques to reinforce the intentions and goals you’ve set. Use them anywhere and at any time to keep you motivated toward achieving your transformation!


This is a crucial week! Now that you’ve set your intentions and planted the seeds to get you on your way, it is now GO TIME! Yes, here’s where you get in action and start moving in the direction of your goals. You will be deliberate in your thinking, speaking and acting as you make strides in bringing your goals to fruition.


This week is designed for peer to peer sharing about individual experiences, both wins and woes! I’ll share how to identify risks and issues that may come up while moving toward your goals, and give you the strategies to mitigate and resolve them.


This week is time for a pulse check. With weeks of reflecting, planning and action, this is where you figure out where you are now versus where you were when you started the program. We’ll celebrate your wins and then course correct any challenges so that you keep pressing forward.


There will be moments when you feel like giving up. This module will provide you with the reinforcement you need to stay focused and in action. You’ll also evaluate the adjustments you made in week 8 to check your alignment with your goals.  


With all the work you’ve done, the final step is to establish accountability. This holds your feet to the fire to make sure you do what you set out to do and also provides a major source of support. I will show you how to create the partnerships that will help you effectively manage your goals. 

Remove Barriers. Shift Your Mental Barometer. Take Action with Intention.​​ Claim Your Promise. Soar to Your Next.



is a NECESSARY MOVEMENT if you desire to be fulfilled in all areas of your life ~ your health, finances, relationships and spirituality. It’s no longer an option to stay settled where you are because the reality is, it’s your birth right to live abundantly, no matter what has happened in your life to this point.


is a GAME CHANGER! Once you look at your life’s playbook from a different perspective, you can make the moves that help you play to win. You won’t have to wait for someone to throw you a pass. You can design your play, get your resources together and successfully execute your strategy!


is LIFE ALTERING!  This isn’t a program to engage in for the moment; it is a lifestyle change that gives you the principles and the steps to succeed at whatever you set your mind to. It helps you change your thinking and your mindset so that your actions create the results you desire.

You may not know where to start, maybe you’ve allowed others to water down your dreams, or think you don’t have what it takes to do it. Its okay. NOW is your time.

I want to show you how small shifts can lead to major changes that help you do what you love, be who you were created to be and live the life you deserve.

I understand the pride and joy of achieving multiple successes but still feeling like there’s something missing. I knew that while I was grateful for my career and the blessing it had been to me for many years, there was another dimension of my life I had to discover.  I didn’t know exactly how to move forward but I was sure I had to start somewhere. At a crossroads during a transition from a company I spent almost 20 years with,


“Life” was happening and there was a major need for change. Have you ever found yourself in that place?

I began with an evaluation, asking myself one question: What would I do for free? As I pondered that question, that lead me to another layer of reflection where even more of my truth began to come forth. Those tru’ths  started me on my personal road to transformation and the steps in this program were born out of that journey!

There were times when I felt fear ( and still do!) and wondered if I was too late to achieve my dreams and if you’ve ever felt that, then we have a lot in common! But once I discovered my power and potential, I began to move forward and turning back wasn’t an option.As a result of successfully servicing my clients, my education and experience, being coached by Lisa Nichols (one of the most dynamic leaders in the personal development industry) and being mentored by Dr. Gary Carroll (successful business developer, leader and coach) and Dr. Melanye Maclin-Carroll, aka “Dr. Mac” (celebrity dermatologist, and resident dermatologist to The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Medical Director of hair/skin for HYPE Hair Magazine, consultant to multiple media outlets and founder of Innovative Hair Technology) , I have learned to take the leap. Now I want to share those steps with you because you’ve been hiding in your brilliance, burying your gifts and ignoring your goals for too long. Why wait any longer?



So you get a clearer path to achieving the level of success you want and deserve. 


To make room for fresh new ideas and approaches to being fulfilled.


Get a clear roadmap so you have the strategies and steps to get you moving toward results.


Create momentum and make the needle point moves that will shift you into living your best.  


Use the Transformation Success Strategy to live well, be happy and whole in all areas of your life.

Now, if you’re telling yourself that now is the time, that you’ve waited long enough AND are you’re ready to take action to create the breathtaking, prosperous life you deserve, then I’m ready to partner with you!

What is the cost to enroll in The Transformation Success Strategy?

YOU are your most valuable investment…

Think about this. We spend money on things to satisfy our basic needs, be it food, clothes or shelter; all of which are necessary. We even include vacations and other leisure activities to enjoy life on a different level, with no second thought, and we need that too.  We devote time to our family, friends, our jobs and that’s just as important. When it comes to investing in us, though, we place ourselves on the back burner or we just make excuses as to why we “can’t” invest in our personal development. Then we end up in the same vicious cycle of complaints, mediocrity and settling for the status quo.

Now’s the time to place the value on yourself, the value that you’re worth. The Transformation Success Strategy is a method that you can carry with you everywhere and use it at any time, in any situation. It is timeless and not dependent on a season so when you invest, you increase your personal stock exponentially! So I’ve made this program not just a worthwhile investment, but an affordable one so you can take a bold step toward your life’s long-term success. Move all the distractions out of the way to make way for the new you!

I’ve priced the Transformation Success Strategy at just 8 equal payments of $548.37 or a one time payment of $4,100.

Plus, when you register now, you get 3 bonuses for FREE!​​

(1) Transformation Tracker

(1) Bonus Individual Coaching Session (20 minutes)

(2) Individual Accountability Sessions (10 minutes each)

Ready to Transform Your Life?

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