The Season Has Changed


Just yesterday we were enjoying warm weather, barbecues and the beach. Now the season has changed and Fall is upon us.

I love the colors at this time of year and I marvel at how the trees are so vibrant with hues of red, orange and yellow. Then the leaves fall off and the trees are bare, regrouping for its next cycle. This is also the perfect time for us too, to evaluate, reassess and prepare for a new season in our lives. Like the trees, we may discover that we have to rid ourselves of old “leaves” (we get to decide what our leaf is … people, thoughts, habits, fear, etc.) so that we can bloom in new ways.

What better time? This is the start of the last quarter of the year and I believe now is the time to start thinking about what “new” looks like for us. In the past, I would wait until December to plan the next year until my coach said I was already behind the 8 ball! So I had to do something different and I implore you to consider the same.

Today as you read this, I want you to answer a few questions that may help to shift you to a new season:

  1. What have I accomplished this year? Celebrate!
  2. What do I want to get done for the rest of the year? Plan and follow through.
  3. What will I do to jump start myself for next year’s success? Use what you do for the rest of this year to propel you forward. Plan and follow through.

Remember, the small steps we take create major shifts toward fulfillment in our season of change!

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