Season of Change


There’s something special about Spring. I often think of warmer days, sunny skies, flowers blooming. It’s when we slough off old man winter and look forward to a new season. I don’t know about you but the thought of change excites and scares me at the same time. It excites me because it gives me a chance to embrace something fresh, to experience something that I’ve never done or had before. It scares me for the very same reasons because change can also mean “different”, “out of the comfort zone”, “not the norm.” But I’m convinced that change is good and it’s when we find something new about ourselves that we never knew existed.

It could be something as small as reorganizing a space in your home. A few months ago, I committed to change in my bedroom. I took down the curtains and washed them, wiped down my blinds, got rid of stuff that I hadn’t used in ages and committed to making my bed every day. It was such a small thing but it made a big difference in the way I feel when I’m in that space. Or, it may be as big as starting a business or moving to the next level in your existing business. Around the same time that I was overhauling my room, I made the decision to invest in a partnership to help me with some business goals. I was scared because it was a big leap but one I felt I had to make because I needed the help.

So as we move from Winter to Spring, look for ways to create change for yourself. Sometimes, we know change is needed but we don’t initiate it because the thought of it feels too big. I get it. Start with something small and celebrate yourself for that! Then move to the next thing, gradually adjusting the level of change as you grow through each stage of the process.

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