The Power Summit

Super charge your way to greatness!

July 25th, 10-4:15p (est)



Perhaps you’re feeling disconnected because you’re

INVESTING your time and energy into other people’s agendas, DOUBTING whether you have what it takes to achieve your level of success, FEELING like you don’t have the time to devote to you, CONFUSED about what purposeful living looks like for you, FRUSTRATED with business as usual, LOOKING for you’re mojo and not sure where to start


The Power Summit is the outlet - July 25th

With my game-changing Power Summit, I'll personally teach you how to:

SHIFT your mindset so you can release your authentic self

LEVERAGE your experiences and use them as power sources

PIVOT from the “power drainers” and redirect your energy with intention

DESIGN your personal blueprint to get in action and serve with confidence

Unleash It!

Acknowledge and accept that you are a source of strength and that your gifts are intended to be a light to others. STOP HIDING!

Ignite It!

Use life’s challenges to drive you. They add value and meaning to your mission. FUEL UP!

Own It!

Be proud of who you are, what you bring to the table and how you can serve with purpose. BE THE FIRE!

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Post Summit Happy Hour in the Virtual VIP Lounge

30 minute one-on-one strategy session

Exclusive post-Summit group coaching session

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