Diversity and Inclusion

It’s time to reshape the corporate culture and change the way we work.

A collection of professional development sessions designed to equip your teams to effectively handle the evolution of the changing corporate environment. Develop a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone can be a contributor to establishing and maintaining a dynamic workplace.

6 Series Bundle

Sessions can be delivered stand-alone.

Vulnerable Voice

Participate in open dialogue where everyone can listen and share stories that can add value to the human experience. Vulnerable and honest communication is encouraged, while respect and judgement-free engagement will be the cornerstones for the conversation.

Unconscious Bias

Understand biases, how they shape our personal view of the world and drive our interaction with others. Get strategies to create a diverse and inclusive work environment that become the foundation of corporate culture.

Value vs. Merit

Gain insight on how employer/employee expectations differ in the workplace and get practical tools that bridge the gap to meet the needs of both.

Solve for “X”

Learn a systematic approach to resolve conflict, allowing teams to play an interactive and collaborative role in creating viable solutions to problems.

Seasons Change

Focus on the “people side” of change with specific steps to help staff embrace, utilize and adopt change as part of special initiatives and day-to-day operations.

Manage Your Stress.
Manage Your Life.

Connect stress management to self-care. Health crises, social unrest and daily stress are the perfect storm for anxiety. Apply simple techniques to reduce stress, manage through life’s most challenging moments and improve overall mental, physical and spiritual well-being.